Magister Art

The fourth dimension of Art.

About us

The new Magister Art

Magister Art is a digitally native company that puts at the centre of its activity a vision of art as a driver of social innovation. As a Digital Social Innovator, we propose a new understanding of art developed around people and designed to promote their involvement and participation in the ecosystem of cultural production.

Logo concept

Magister Art

Choosing the term “Magister” implies already a clear choice, a statement. The word suggests the idea of competence and authoritativeness, providing access to knowledge. The letter M is the central focus of the logo designed by Bruno Romano. It generates three coloured rectangles, symbolizing the will to have a broad perspective, projecting oneself outside and being open. Following these symbols, from the logo’s heart towards the outside, the word ART appears, to indicate the company vision.

Magister Art three clusters

Magister Art operates through three clusters

Magister Factory, Magister Media and Magister ArtBox. Each cluster relies on crucial activities and processes to reach specific goals and generate products which are unique and integrated. Products are heterogeneous, belonging to different economic sectors, but conceived for strong integration and interaction, all parts of a single cultural ecosystem.

The team

A multidisciplinary team with the passion of those who believe in the value of culture and make each exhibition a unique event.

Magister Art is one of the 5% of companies with the best sustainability performance, certified by EcoVadis

In a constant effort to embrace the new challenges of innovation, technology and sustainability, in October 2022 Magister Art obtained its first EcoVadis Gold Medal, scoring above 67/100. In February 2024 the scoring was confirmed with a second EcoVadis Gold Medal. Magister Art is among the 5% of companies with the best scores rated by EcoVadis. The score is based on policies, actions and results achieved by the Company in the 4 key areas of sustainability: environment, labour and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement.

EcoVadis is one of the most important international rating platforms for environmental sustainability. Its assessment method is based on globally recognized standards, such as the UN Global Impact, the Global Reporting Initiative and ISO 26000. Thus far, it praises a global network of more than 100.000 rated companies.

Code of Ethics and Company Policies

The Code of Ethics and company policies collect the set of values that we recognize, accept and share, and the responsibilities we assume both within our company and towards external interlocutors.


Code of Ethics (in Italian)
Environmental Policies (in Italian)
HR Policies (in Italian)
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