Magister Factory

Magister Factory is an innovation hub, driven by constant experimentation. Products and contents are “custom made”. The hub conceives and realises unique and site-specific projects, art installations, live events, concerts and publications.

From the M of Magister to the idea of planning, relying on the structure and the method to reach a physical space.

The graphic signs recall Leonardo’s frame for the golden section: the fourth dimension is human perception.

Magister Media

Magister Media produces audiovisual, digital and multimedia contents such as films, documentaries, docudramas, short movies, short clips for educational purposes, web series focusing on the promotion of Italian territory and enhancement of Italian widespread cultural heritage, and its artistic and natural beauties.

It is the beginning of a flow, including all possible forms of communication, each with its specific characteristics as the subjects they narrate.

It multiplies, becoming an augmented narration, from the M into the fourth dimension.

Magister ArtBox

Magister ArtBox produces exhibitions and installations based on a kit of structures and technical equipments, that can be used endless times to accommodate different contents, hence creating no waste when the exhibition is over. Moreover, the system can be entirely build and operated with remote support by the Magister team.

The sign M opens up, like “opening an email”, and turns into matter. It represents the creative union between everything which can be communicated and everything which is solid and transportable.

It lives in the third dimension, goes in and out of the box and finds a new destination.

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