Magister Art

The fourth dimension of Art.


Marble. Carving the Future


Italy Pavilion | Expo Dubai 2021
09 - 15.01.2022

50th Pink Floyd:
Live at Pompeii

Archaeological Park of Pompeii

Magister Raffaello

A marvellous journey through Italian Renaissance

The journey to Carrara

The protagonist of Neoclassicism in sculpture meets the capital of marble. From 1 August 2019 to 10 June 2020, at CARMI - Carrara and Michelangelo Museum in Villa Fabbricotti.


Venice, Scuola Grande della Misericordia
June 16 — November 22 2018

Magister Giotto
The Scrovegni Chapel

Zagreb, Galerija AMZ
7 November 2018 — 15 January 2019


Venice, Scuola Grande della Misericordia
July 13 — November 23 2017

Magister Art

The fourth dimension of Art.

“The new Magister Art is an alternative reality, neither augmented nor virtual.
A new dimension created to accommodate the relationship between opposite poles, where antithetical points of view coexist simultaneously and inclusively. All this generates an experimental language, blending cinema and art, bringing new and exclusive products to the world.”

Renato Saporito, CEO of Magister Art


One-year-long world tour, starting September 2020.

To celebrate the 500th anniversary since Raphael’s death, the exhibition Magister Raffaello is presented to the international public as an unprecedented experiential story. It has been conceived as a journey through six contemporary settings where key artworks accompany the visitor in the discovery of Raphael’s art.

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