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09 - 15.01.2022

Two small municipalities - Castro and Pienza - and two islands - Procida and Murano, are the protagonists and the starting point of the Insulae initiative: an ambitious project signed by Treccani and Magister Art, which starts from a multimedia format for cultural enhancement, combining contents both in analog or physical mode and in digital mode.

Four short films, each dedicated to one of the small Italian realities that have been selected for this first part of the project. The films are designed to offer an engaging augmented narration of stories, images and unpublished music - composed for this project by Roberta di Mario – and to build an emotional tool to tell the Italian uniqueness from a cultural, touristic and productive point of view.

Characterized by an encyclopedic approach, the four short films combine in a harmonious, original and exciting way, the audiovisual productions of Magister Art, a digital native SME that focuses on a vision of art as a value in the social innovation of the future, with the certified contents of the Treccani database, an institution that has played since its foundation the dual role of witness of Italian cultural identity and guide to the discovery of the contemporary world, giving life to a highly replicable communicative code, in which the individual entries of the Treccani Encyclopedia are increased visually and filmically. Frame after frame, the viewer enjoys images and infographics for a conscious and informed vision - with the rhythm of music - which celebrates the excellence and uniqueness of our Country.

Insulae is an unprecedented initiative, launched on the occasion of Expo 2020 Dubai, with the aim of enhancing and disseminating abroad the Italian cultural heritage through the promotion of its geographical islands (Murano and Procida) and ‘conceptual islands’ – the small municipalities – (Castro and Pienza), as the quintessence of the identity of Italy. A deep reflection on the theme of insularity and loneliness through which the smallest and least known realities are reread and reconstructed thanks to digital narration, creating a new cultural map of Italy.

Insulae | Video Teaser


Castro Two different spirits, one belonging to the sea and another to the land, one Adriatic and another Ionian, make Castro one of the meeting points between east and west. A minute chronology reveals to what extent the duality and ambivalent identity existing between an ancient, fortified hamlet and a harbour are in fact part of the same intimate and well-preserved throbbing heart.

Pienza A sort of ongoing survey aimed at disclosing the most important pages and characters of this extraordinary place: images of the past are intersected with contemporary life in a succession of micro stories. The symbols of this narration are described in a contemporary editing project that sets out to provide further indications and details.


Procida In and out of Procida, in a sensation of indomitable wind, a dynamic recount in which voices and colours meld: original notions captured in movement. Like a long, slow, and unlikely sequence, viewed from several angles, constantly in movement to bring to the surface a vortex of ever unpredictable emotions.

Murano Incandescent matter is twirled and blown to give shape to a glass artefact… an incessant pulse, from the colour of orange to the cold blue shade reminiscent of the lagoon, a journey through a secret place, where water surrounds and detains mysterious formulas to mix them with legends baptized by fire. Time lends itself to the perfection of a masterpiece: the ancient art embraces new techniques to address the contemporary world.

Content Frame, Pienza

© Treccani; Magister Art

Content Frame, Murano

© Treccani; Magister Art

Content Frame, Castro

© Treccani; Magister Art

Content Frame, Procida

© Treccani; Magister Art


Original Title: Insulae
Languages: Italian / English
Genres: Documentary film
Country: Italy
Production Companies: Istituto della Enciclopedia Italiana fondato da Giovanni Treccani – Massimo Bray, Direttore Generale; Magister Art – Renato Saporito, CEO
Year of Production: 2021
Places: Murano, Pienza, Castro, Procida
Duration: 16:00 min.
Format: HD
Film Director: Luca Mazzieri
Executive Producers: Jelena Jovanović, Giovanna Fazzuoli
Music: Roberta Di Mario
Artistic production: Cristian Bonato, Roberta Di Mario
Synt and programming: Cristian Bonato
Strings, Synt and Keybords: Federico Mecozzi
Recording at Cristian Bonato “Numeri Recording Studio” (Cavallino/ Rn)
Mastering at Giovanni Versari Studio “La Maestà” (Faenza/Ravenna)
Story Concept: Luca Mazzieri, Jelena Jovanović
Concept and Scientific Supervision: Fabrizia Maselli
Editing: Giuseppe Carabelli
Michele Ambrogi (Pienza, Castro, Procida)
Johannes Menghi (Murano)
Cameramen Assistant:
Andrea Castagna (Pienza)
Giuseppe Fersini (Castro)
Cristiano Esposito (Procida)
Gerry Cibelli (Procida)
Matteo Schenkel (Murano)
Editorial Secretariat: Francesca Iannucci
Graphic Design Direction: Alessandra Costantini
Graphic Project Coordination: Tilbe Kucukonder
Graphic Design: Gianluca Barbero, Beulcke+Partners
Graphic Animation: Serkan Savaskan
Scientific Secretariat, Coordination of Archive Research: Fabrizia Maselli
Script Supervisor: Ilaria Giaccio
Organizational Secretariat: Giulia Lasen, Selena Russo

Promoted by Institute of the Italian Encyclopedia founded by Giovanni Treccani, Magister Art

Archive Materials – Thanks to
Institute of the Italian Encyclopedia founded by Giovanni Treccani
Municipality of Venice, VEZ Civic Library, Giacomelli Photographic Archive Fund
Querini Stampalia Foundation, Luigi Ferrigno Fund
Photography Archive - Venice Civic Museums Foundation
Salviati Srl Murano
Claudio Iavarone Aerial video
Giuseppe Fersini
Cristiano Esposito
Procida TV

Special Thanks to
Giampietro Colombini, Deputy Mayor, Councilor for Culture and Tourism, Municipality of Pienza
Marina Giordano, Palazzo Borgia - Diocesan Museum of Pienza
Society of Executors of Pious Dispositions
Opera Laboratories
Alberto Capraro, Deputy Mayor, Councilor for Culture and Tourism, Municipality of Castro
Michele Assante del Leccese, Delegate for Culture, Municipality of Procida
Simone Venturini, Councilor for Social Cohesion, Tourism, Economic Development, Work and Residence at the Municipality of Venice
Chiara Squarcina, Glass Museum - Venice Civic Museums Foundation
Cristiano Ferro, Effetre Murano
Vetreria Anfora

Press Office Treccani
Grazia Lotti Relazioni pubbliche

Press Office Magister Art
Emilia Blanchetti e Giulia Boniello, Beulcke+Partners

Press Release

INSULAE | Press Release + Images (Italian)
INSULAE | Press Release + Images (English)
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