Magister Art

The fourth dimension of Art.

The Magister Method: through the fusion of different languages and media we reconstruct the historical, artistic and cultural context, focusing relentlessly on visitor’s experience.
In Magister Art exhibitions, knowledge and emotion are combined together to create a united narrative, thanks to the creative cooperation between scientific committees of international standing and musicians, writers, actors, directors and set designers. A strong emotional impact offers visitors an unprecedented and engaging understanding of art, which goes well beyond the physical presence of the artworks.

Magister Art creates new languages to promote the understanding of art, by blending together knowledge and emotion.

Magister Giotto

Scuola Grande della Misericordia in Venice
Photo: Luigi Bussolati (2017)


Our people-first approach is born of a profound interaction between cultural contents, the dissemination of knowledge, education and personal growth.
Digital Transformation supports our production and invariably leads to ethical choices.
Magister Art views technology as an instrument that plays a key role in the narrative, and whose value lies in what it can do for people.

Magister Giotto

An itinerary with a high-level cultural profile in which layout design, knowledge and spectacle blend to create a unique experience. Photo: Luigi Bussolati (2017).

Digital Transformation firstly stems from awareness of the context and the mix of talents. Technology only comes into play at a second stage.

Our goals

New tools offer new opportunities for social cohesion, networking and innovative business models.

We embrace the values of the cultural and heritage sector. We support the sector in terms of value enhancement, access to knowledge and sustainability. We act as partner of Museums, supporting the process toward digital literacy and providing personalized business integration solutions to address operational and financial needs.

Our key features:

  • Markets: public and private, B2B and B2C.
  • Processes: mastery of digital production and content integration processes.
  • Structure: concept, scientific curatorship, education, production, technology, marketing.
  • Positioning: long-standing experience in partnering with public and private actors.
  • Operations: uniqueness of our operational approach and of our publishing and distribution methods.

An unprecedented and fresh approach where the relationship between art, culture and people becomes integrated and accessible.

Our History

Magister Art has created many successful projects.

An initial trilogy of exhibitions was devoted to three great Masters of Italian art, Magister Giotto (2017), Magister Canova (2018) and Magister Raffaello (2020), each of them set up in partnership with Italian and international organisations, with contributions by major art critics and historians.

Institutional partners:

  • The National Museum of China (Beijing) with the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities for the exhibition “Renaissance in Florence. Masterpieces and Protagonists”
  • The Scrovegni Chapel in Padua for the exhibition “Magister Giotto”
  • The Georgian National Museum in Tbilisi for the exhibition “Immagica. Italian Art. A Journey into Beauty”
  • The Carrara and Michelangelo Museum (CARMI) and the Antonio Canova Museum and Gypsotheca in Possagno for the exhibition “Canova. The Journey to Carrara”
  • The Rome Museum in Palazzo Braschi for the exhibition “Canova. Eternal Beauty”
  • The National Archaeological Museum of Naples (MANN) for the exhibition “Canova and Antiquity”
  • The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation for the exhibition “Magister Raffaello 2020” which, in the year of the 500th anniversary of Raphael’s death is touring the world through the network of Italian embassies, consulates and Italian Cultural Institutes.

Magister is a format based on cultural value, designed to promote beauty and raise awareness of the Italian and International cultural heritage, giving it a contemporary twist.

It is a one-of-a-kind form of dramaturgy that opens up new paths for the dissemination of art.

It brings about the creative fusion of different languages and media: visual, technological, audio, narrative, educational, informative, emotional and perceptive.

It combines culture and technology giving rise to storylines rich with emotion and meaning.

It adopts a scientific approach, collaborating on each project with a dedicated scientific committee composed of recognised experts in the works of each individual artist.

It constantly promotes creative collaborations with renowned musicians, writers, actors, directors and set designers.

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