Magister Art Logo

In its etymology the word Magister is associated with noble ideas. In the artistic field, especially during the Renaissance, the magister was the head of an artistic workshop, teaching to a group of apprentices. In ancient Rome it was the chief commander, in Medieval and Renaissance universities, a magister was someone who had the professional title to teach.

From the lexicon to the logo, the word now offers a new interpretation of its original meanings, looking into the future and embracing the word ART: once chosen, the path is followed with a constant and conscious effort, spreading into the fourth dimension of art. As a diapason, it generates a musical sound which propagates.

This is the philosophical approach adopted by Magister Art in its creative productions. Embracing this vision Bruno Romano has designed a logo which conveys the idea of a journey, to explore innovative ways to narrate artists and artworks.

Magister Art | The fourth dimension of Art.

Three key ideas represent Magister Art: identity, matter and entertainment. All together they generate a philosophy, a mission and an image: the hypercube with four dimensions. It encompasses the lines generating the logo, delineates a “gate of knowledge” and symbolizes the narration of the fourth dimension of art. A visual element to represent, collect and give shape to everything Magister Art stands for.

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