New exciting projects for Magister Art

In these years of profound changes in society Magister Art plays a key role in promoting a certain vision of art as an asset in future social innovation, through the creation of experimental languages and exclusive new formats to be exported worldwide.

While the exhibition Magister Raffaello, which has run non-stop since September 2020, continues its worldwide tour, Magister Art takes stock of two years packed with successes, important collaborations, and new projects.

«Recent years have been characterized by highly complex issues and changes which have affected all walks of life, comprising art and culture – comments Renato Saporito, CEO of Magister Art – Despite this, our work has never been suspended: during these months we have elaborated innovative artistic and cultural formats that have not only enabled us to take the Magiter Raffaello exhibition around the world, but also to set up new partnerships and collaborations with eminent names of the Italian cultural scene, such as Panini, Treccani and Gruppo TIM».

Alongside Magister Raffaello, which is about to open in Indonesia, the sticker album of Magister Raffaello has been launched, inspired by the exhibition contents and fruit of a collaboration with Panini and the Italian Consulate in San Paolo, Brazil.

As well as art, Magister Art’s 2021 was characterized by audio-visual projects centred on culture, music, and Italian tourism.

To mark the 50th anniversary of the film production Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii, Magister Art has curated the artistic and creative direction of the celebrative event organized by the Archaeological Park of Pompei and Gruppo TIM, a show of lighting effects and video mapping that has enabled a reconstruction of the lost iconographic apparatus of the Amphitheatre. Broadcast live by on 28.10.2021, the event was further enhanced by the premier showing of Reliving at Pompeii, a docufilm, curated and produced by Magister Art, in five short episodes, recounting director Adrian Maben’s creative moments and executive problems: an intimate journey through the most iconic places in the Archaeological Park and the city of Pompei.

Early in 2022, the collaboration with Treccani led to the world preview presentation of the INSULAE project at Expo Dubai, a multimedia format conceived to promote Italian cultural heritage abroad: an in-depth reflection on the topic of insularity and solitude through which the smallest and least known realities are re-read and reconstrued thanks to a digital narration, while creating a new cultural map of Italy. The protagonists of the first four short films and the departure point of the project are two small municipalities – Castro and Pienza – and two islands – Procida and Murano, recounted by Magister Art in a way that is harmonious, original, and fascinating, thanks also to the certified contents of the Treccani database.

Magister Raffaello - World Tour

Sticker Album Magister Raffaello

Reliving at Pompeii



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