Tuscan Craftsmanship

A Journey within a Journey: Jeweller
Palazzo Corsini, Florence

Following a commission by Toscana Promozione Turistica, the Tuscany Regional Government Agency responsible for promoting tourism, Magister Art has developed an innovative cultural communication project, designed to promote in Italy and abroad, the excellence of Tuscany goldsmiths within the format “Tuscan Craftsmanship: a journey within a Journey”.

The universe of goldsmith craftsmanship is presented in a video that explores in a new and contemporary way the territory, its productions, materials and its long tradition. Through a rich history, ranging from the Etruscan jewels, passing through the Renaissance and up to modern and contemporary forms, the viewer is accompanied into the discovery of a reality capable of innovating and reinventing itself, while always remaining an important world reference.

In addition to an online distribution, the video was presented within a unique stage setting, conceived by Magister Art and based on the proprietary format Magister ArtBox, set up on the occasion of the XXVIII edition of the fair “Artigianato e Palazzo”.

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