Site Specific

The National Gallery of Umbria - Perugia
04.03.2023 - 11.06.2023

On the occasion of the exhibition “Italy’s best Maestro”. Perugino and his day, Magister Art has conceived and realized a special enhancement project, aimed at increasing the use of the exhibition and creating a greater and more complete form of sharing and accessibility, through unparalleled multimedia installations as well as digital and audio-visual contents.

Magister Art uses an innovative method of multidiscipline and augmented narrative, which, by experimenting with new languages and media, aims to reach an augmented perception of the signifier and the signified of the artworks on display.

The project includes two site-specific multimedia installations, which offer unprecedented insights and perspectives on a selection of the heritage on display, so as to enhance the value of the works and the museum halls, as well as the understanding of their mutual relationship.

The first part of the exhibition itinerary is dedicated to two prestigious commissions: a series of frescoes realized by the artist respectively in the Sistine Chapel and the Audience Hall of Collegio del Cambio in Perugia. This is an entirely digital section of the exhibition, involving the numerous stages, that emphasize the techniques used by the artist (dry powder, tracing, engraving) and display what cannot be admired due to its inherent nature: Perugino’s frescoes.

The second installation is placed in Hall 16, on third floor where the permanent collection is on display. The Hall, emptied of its masterpieces – which are displayed in the exhibition – becomes an imaginative atelier, a real metaphysical place dedicated to Perugino’s artworks and part of the permanent exhibition of the National Gallery of Umbria. His works are illustrated through an augmented narrative made of multiplications, reductions and blow-ups, where 9 monitors become the mediators in a scenic set-up.

The purpose of Magister Art is to create a space of osmosis between two different moments for the visitor; not only from a thematic viewpoint, but also from a physical one: the temporary exhibition and the permanent exhibition itinerary. Through two multimedia installations, Magister Art aims to create a decompression space where visitors can go back with their mind and eyes to what they have already experienced and acquired while visiting the exhibition. A connection between the permanent collection and the temporary exhibition, from where to leave enriched through a cultural experience of strong emotional impact.

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