Rock Lessons: Pink Floyd in quadriphony

On 18th of July a special “Rock Lessons” event promoted by Magister Art on the beginnings of the British band Pink Floyd and listening of “The Dark Side of the Moon” in quadriphony.

50 years after the film “Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii”, the notes of “The Dark Side of the Moon” resounded in quadriphony at the Archaeological Park of Pompeii on 18th of July. The event was promoted by Magister Art and the TIM Group. The music critics Gino Castaldo and Ernesto Assante with “Lezioni di Rock” (Rock Lessons) have revived the emotions of one of the most important albums of the band, reproducing the whole listening after telling the beginnings of Pink Floyd through images of repertoire, parts of the film and other concerts.


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