The Magister Format is analysed in an article published by Ricche Minere, a scientific journal of art history

In an article published by Ricche Minere, Jelena Jovanović and Luca Mazzieri discuss the Magister Format, analysing exhibitions and installations conceived and produced by Magister Art.

The uniqueness of the Magister Format has been analysed in an article by Jelena Jovanović and Luca Mazzieri, published in the latest issue (no. 13/2020) of Ricche Minere, a scientific journal of art history with international standing.

The article presents some exhibitions and installations dedicated to Canova, conceived and produced between 2018 and 2019, which perfectly exemplify the Magister Format: the format combines transdisciplinary research methodologies with innovative technologies in order to promote art and increase its accessibility.

The format is based on the ongoing experimentation of new communication forms and media, used to generate “comprehensive” cognitive experiences, constantly improving the exhibition design and stimulating visitors’ engagement in unexpected ways.

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