Renaissance Art, seen today

A conference with leading scholars from Italy and Vietnam.

Along with the exhibition Magister Raffaello being held until 31st October at the Hanoi Museum, the Embassy of Italy - Hanoi also promotes a conference with leading scholars from Italy and Vietnam discussing the relevance of Raphael’s art to contemporary audiences. Renaissance Art holds a vital role in Western history of art: it is associated with key concepts such as perspective, anatomy, Christianity and humanism. It represents a unique vision of the world with man placed at the center, built on cultural values which might be perceived as “distant” from contemporary society. Nonetheless, Raphael’s art is undoubtedly relevant to contemporary viewers and his life experience can deeply resonate with any individual, which furthermore allows Renaissance Art to continue to be an inspiration in numerous fields such as Architecture, Fashion and even Management.

Antonio Alessandro, Ambassador of Italy in Vietnam
Phan Cam Thuong, Artist
Minh Hanh, Designer
Luca Mazzieri, Artistic Director of Magister Art
Claudio Strinati, Curator of Magister Raffaello (video contribution)

24 October 2020 at 9am
Live streaming on Facebook @ItalyinVietnam


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