Also this year Yamaha is a technical partner to Magister

Anche quest’anno Yamaha is a technical partner to Magister.

Discover Magister Canova

For the second year, CBdIME signs an important technical partnership with Yamaha. Visitors to Magister Canova will listen to narration and music commentary through the Yamaha HPH-M82 and HPH-50 headphones, characterized by an incredible design and excellent audio quality. These will ensure them to be fully immersed in the journey.

For the sound diffusion in the Lounge area will be used a micro Hi-Fi system Yamaha MCR-N70, while the hifi component R-N403 and ceiling speakers NS-AW392 will provide the background music within the installation of Fabrizio Plessi.

On display also an extraordinary hybrid piano AvantGrand N3X, which perfectly matches the digital sound with a real action and a tactile responsive technology replicating the natural vibration of an acoustic piano.

Discover Magister Canova


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