Antonangeli is a technical partner to Magister Canova

CBdIME signs an important partnership with Antonangeli Illuminazione.

Discover Magister Canova

Antonangeli Illuminazione is a technical partner of Magister Canova, the first multimedia exhibition devoted to the great Neoclassical sculptor.

As Antonangeli Illuminazione has pointed out in its official press release “Being a technical partner of an exhibition that celebrates one of the most fascinating artists in the history of Italian art is a choice that well suites to the company’s identity, which contributes to feed emotions and atmospheres in the exhibition spaces.

In over forty years of activity, Antonangeli has built a precise and recognizable identity, based on a constant attention to research. A dual research, material and technological, that is coherent to the very same goals of the Magister format.

Discover Magister Canova


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