Culture, innovation and development: Magister Art attends LuBeC 2021

On the occasion of LuBeC 2021 - Lucca Beni Culturali, an international meeting dedicated to technological innovations in the cultural field, Magister Art joined forces with Hevolus Innovation, a company specialized in disruptive technologies and international partner of Microsoft for the Mixed Reality, to present the prototype of a holographic installation dedicated to Canova’s sculpture “Hercules and Lica”. Thanks to the smart glasses Microsoft HoloLens visitors had a “mixed reality experience”, the virtual blended into the real: they could access additional digital contents and view the impressive sculpture as placed in the room, in front of them, while walking around it as if they were at the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome.

Furthermore, during the two-day conference, Jelena Jovanovic, General Manager and Head of Content and Editorial Strategy of Magister Art, took part to the round table “New tools for creativity: virtual, augmented and mixed reality” while Alessandra Costantini, Creative Director of Magister Art, on the other hand, gave a speech on “The changing editorial landscape: new languages ​​for cultural heritage”.


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