At Galleria Nazionale in Rome, a close encounter between Magister Canova and Hercules and Lichas

Behind the scenes at Rome’s National Gallery, where we took new, spectacular shots of one of Neoclassicism’s masterpieces.

Discover Magister Canova

In the past few weeks we completed the shootings for the Magister Canova exhibition opening shortly at the Scuola Grande della Misericordia of Venice, 16 June-22 

November 2018. The last shooting took place at the National Gallery of Modern Art, Rome, which hosts in its collection the sculptural group of Hercules and Lichas. The photographic screening of the group, elaborated by Canova in the years 1795-1815, was made possible by the use of a “Jimmy Jib” with a remote head. The combination of this special tool, equipped with a 9-metre-long mobile arm, and an Arri Alexa cinematographic camera, allowed us to carry out an unprecedented reading of Canova’s sculptural group, one of the absolute masterpieces of Neoclassical art. Magister Canova’s Artistic Director, Luca Mazzieri, was assisted by a team of technicians led by Photography Director Nicola Civarelli.


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