With Cose Belle d’Italia and UTET Grandi Opere a new work dedicated to Canova

At the National Gallery in Rome, presentation of “Antonio Canova - Il segno della bellezza”, a prestigious limited edition volume.

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On 2 March 2018 the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rome hosts the event “Canova. Art, Music and Stage”, an evening devoted to the great artist for the presentation of the prestigious limited edition volume published by UTET Grandi Opere, “Antonio Canova. Il segno della bellezza”, with texts by Professor Giuseppe Pavanello and 75 photographs of Canova’s sculptures by Maestro Mimmo Jodice. Created in a limited edition and numbered, the volume is composed of around 400 pages and contains texts structured into three sections: “Canova the sculptor”, “Canova the painter, draftsman and engraver” and “How Canova worked”.

The extensive iconographiccorpusis composed of over 75 black-and-white images of sculptures by Antonio Canova by photographer Mimmo Jodice, obtained for the creation of the volume from originals printed by the maestro in his darkroom.The cover, made of precious natural calfskin, contains a photographic image entitled “La Venere Italica” signed personally by Mimmo Jodice himself. In addition to the photographs by Mimmo Jodice, there are also over 100 images of plaster works, tempera paintings, monochrome paintings, sketches, drawings and engravings by Canova executed by photographer Alfredo Dagli Orti during photographic campaigns at the Canova Museum in Possagno and the Canova Section of the Civic Museum in Bassano del Grappa. The work is accompanied by three art engravings from original works by Canova held at the Civic Museum in Bassano del Grappaand created on the press according to the ancient intaglio technique at the Stamperia d’Arte di Luigi Berardinelli in Verona.

Discover the volume


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