Magister Giotto in the headphones

Magister Giotto, the voice of Luca Zingaretti and the music of Paolo Fresu

In the headphones a story of absolute scientific rigour, entrusted to the interpretation of two extraordinary Italian talents.

From the birth of the legend to Halley’s Comet, to the sound of jazz and an unmistakable voice. The visitors’ itinerary at Magister Giotto is a spectacular immersive journey of discovery of one of the greatest Italian artists. Accompanying visitors through fascinating technical scenic reconstructions is the voice of famous actor Luca Zingaretti, who is entrusted the narration based on absolute scientific rigour guaranteed by a committee composed of Alessandro Tomei, Giuliano Pisani, Stefania Paone and Cesare Barbieri, with the consultancy of Serena Romano. Luca Zingaretti’s voice is accompanied by the musical; drama of Paolo Fresu. A 45-minute visit is offered in audio headphones. For each room, a story enabling you to understand Giotto’s revolutionary impact on the panorama of medieval art.

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