Magister Giotto catalogue

A catalogue and a prestigious volume to explore Magister Giotto

The Magister Giotto exhibition is accompanied by the catalogue published by FMR and by a prestigious limited edition volume by Utet Grandi Opere.

For the occasion of Magister Giotto, the FMR publishing house has created a publication, in both Italian and English, which is much more than just a catalogue. Almost 200 pages and over 170 images for a genuine guide to understanding the work, the personality and the culture of the great Italian artist. FMR has availed itself of the services of AlessandroTomei and Giuliano Pisani for the scientific direction, and of Serena Romano for the scientific consultancy. The texts are by Cesare Barbieri, Stefania Paone and by Alessandro Tomei and Giuliano Pisani themselves. The preface is by Luca Mazzieri.

In addition to the catalogue by FMR, again on the occasion of the exhibition, Cose Belle d’Italia and Utet Grandi Opere have also presented a new prestigious limited edition numbered volume, GIOTTO. An extraordinary work to celebrate the man who may be considered the father of Italian Renaissance art on the 750th anniversary of his birth. The leading experts on the Florentine artist have contributed to the creation of the volume, and the most advanced digital photography and printing technologies have been employed.

The over 180 high-definition images, many of which in large format, the 10 plates applied and the binding, executed by hand by the artisans of Arte del Libro, all make this volume the most spectacular work ever to be devoted to one of the most revolutionary Italian artists of all time. The vast majority of the images in the volume and all those that represent the cycles and the most important masterpieces come from high-definition photographs taken during ad hoc campaigns, a fundamental prerequisite to be able to create images, views, enlargements and details giving readers the unique and inimitable experience of being one-to-one with the original. This is therefore a work like none ever published before, unsurpassed and insuperable, devoted to the master of masters in its entirety, created in a limited edition for the customers of UTET Grandi Opere.

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