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Magister Giotto

Scuola Grande della Misericordia in Venice
Photo: Luigi Bussolati (2017)

Take advantage of the opportunity to transform an idea into an unforgettable experience

The Magister format, already successfully tried and tested with the multimedia exhibitions Magister Giotto (2017) and Magister Canova (2018), offers the business world an extraordinary opportunity to prepare made-to-measure layout designs jointly for major events and company museums, achieving set design solutions of great visual impact, accompanied by content with a high-level cultural profile. A unique opportunity to showcase communication of the brand in a context with a powerful emotional impact. The format offer includes proposals of major events, the development of contents to be transmitted on and through all types of platform, with the ultimate aim of showcasing products, companies, brands, outstanding Italian quality and the enjoyment it provides, with an approach that aims to be ethical and cultural to communicate and generate wealth.

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