Magister for schools

Magister Giotto

Scuola Grande della Misericordia in Venice
Photo: Luigi Bussolati (2017)

Participate with your school in a highly effective learning experience

The contemporary approach to multimedia languages combined with the historical respect for sources guaranteed by an international-level scientific committee, collaboration with the museums, institutions and with the Mibact make Magister an extraordinary experience for knowledge and investigation for primary and secondary schools, thanks to an immersive approach capable of captivating and involving children and young people.

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Magister Giotto

An emotional and highly educational journey. Discover the world of Magister with your class. Photo: Luigi Bussolati (2017).

Magister is a format conceived to familiarise students with art through the languages of innovation

Located in the extensive spaces of the Scuola Grande della Misericordia di Venezia - the second Venetian space in size terms after the Palazzo Ducale - the grand trilogy of multimedia exhibitions devised by Magister is a highly effective and enjoyable learning route, capable of combining highly rigorous scientific content with a spectacular experience of an immersive nature.

Thanks to the work of a prestigious multidisciplinary team, along with an international-level scientific committee, Magister offers an opportunity of great educational scope, enhanced by innovative scenic reconstructions and high-resolution images that enable even a public aged under 18 to immerse themselves in the entire adventure of the great Masters of the history of art in exhibition itineraries with a powerful perceptive impact.

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