Paolo Fresu, a special CD for the Magister Giotto multimedia exhibition

For Magister Giotto, jazz player Paolo Fresu has created a soundtrack to accompany visitors, now also on a CD.

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For the occasion of the Magister Giotto exhibition, held from 13 July to 5 November at the Scuola Grande della Misericordia in Venice, Paolo Fresu, the famous Sardinian trumpeter, has created a special CD of the same title.

For the CD, Fresu has chosen some pieces from the catalogue of Tǔk Music, the record label he founded in 2010, knitting them together for the occasion to create a soundtrack to accompany visitors through the exhibition spaces and embellish the musical story with some original pieces. The CD inaugurates the TǔkArt division of TǔkMusic, dedicated to the forms of figurative art.

The album will be available in a special format edition, a kind of art catalogue, printed and assembled by hand, without a hint of plastic and, as is customary, fully respecting the environment. The cover of the CD is one of the iconic images by the great master, “Anne and Joachim meeting at the Golden Gate”, used with the kind permission of the Municipality of Padua. For a certain period Magister Giotto will be available at the exhibition bookshop and on the digital platforms.

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