Magister Giotto flies to Russia. At least a million visitors expected

An international agreement will take Magister Giotto on tour to prestigious Russian exhibition venues, starting with St. Petersburg.

In the next few months the Russians will discover Giotto, or get to know him better. At the headquarters of ITA-TASS, the Russian press agency, in St. Petersburg, the international agreement was officially announced that will take Magister Giotto on a long tour of prestigious Russian exhibition venues, starting with St. Petersburg.

On behalf of the Italians, in the presence of Consul General Leonardo Bencini, this important cultural agreement was presented by Renato Saporito and Luca Mazzieri, representatives of the holding company that conceived and organised this innovative multimedia project, of which it is now managing the internationalisation.

The high profile that Russia is reserving for the agreement is confirmed by the speeches delivered at the public presentation by Konstantin Suchenko, President of the Culture Committee of St. Petersburg, Semyon Mikhailovsky, Dean of the Repin Academy of Fine Arts of St. Petersburg, Pavel Seleznev, Director of the Kirov Central Park of Culture and Recreation, and Valentina Orlova, Director of the World Centre of Culture of St. Petersburg, and chaired by Mikhail Piotrovsky, Director General of the Hermitage Museum.

«The tour of Russia» affirms Renato Saporito, Managing Director of Cose Belle d’Italia Media Entertainment «represents the confirmation of the strong international vocation of the Magister format, a trilogy of exhibitions devoted to the major protagonists of Italian culture - Giotto (2017), Canova (2018) and Raphael (2019) - conceived with the aim of revitalising the global values of the Italian artistic heritage in a contemporary vein. St. Petersburg is the privileged location of an intense cultural dialogue between Italy and Russia. It is therefore very exciting to know that Giotto’s trip around Russia will start from here, with an exhibition devoted to an absolute Master. Our aim is to further knowledge by placing innovation at the service of creativity. All the Magister exhibition projects combine high scientific rigour and scenographic commitment with the aim of promoting Italian thought and art at international level, where culture is to be understood as a form of entertainment with universal value».

The debut of Magister Giotto took place in Venice, where the presentation of what was evaluated as “one of the best projects worldwide in telling of art, in terms both of its contents and of its ultramodern innovative exhibition technologies”, met with the unanimous approval of the Italian and international public and of the experts.

The greatness of Giotto - and soon afterwards of Canova (2018) and Raphael (2019) - has been underlined by the use of modern video installations, combined with special audio content, enhanced by lighting effects and accompanied by original music, within a complex architecture where the layout design of the exhibition creates the effect of a genuine immersion in the artist’s world. This enables even an inexperienced spectator to understand the peculiarities of the artistic style and the world vision of one of the greatest Masters of all time, but at the same time it also offers the experts unusual perspectives and new cues for reflection. Magister Giotto is an exciting spectacle of images that literally “embraces” spectators and takes them on a trip that develops into a spiritual journey. Now, thanks to the agreement signed here, this fascinating experience, which many have been able to enjoy in Venice, is available at numerous Russian venues, with the long tour starting in St. Petersburg. It is estimated that at least a million Russians will admire Magister Giotto on his trip to Russia.

«It is an important recognition for the great Florentine master» underlines Renato Saporito. «Further evidence of the passion that many in Russia have for our country and for its great art. But it is also a recognition of our creativity and our technology. For us and for Italy, this agreement is a fact that makes us proud».

After the inauguration of the first international tour in St. Petersburg, made possible thanks to the commitment of Renato Saporito in an intense activity of cultural interaction with Russia, Magister will once again have an appointment with the public in Venice with Magister Canova, which is scheduled to take place at the Scuola Grande della Misericordia from 16 June to 22 November 2018.


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