Confindustria: 250 entrepreneurs enchanted by Magister Giotto

An exclusive event reserved for Confindustria Venezia - Rovigo to discover a highly fascinating cultural itinerary.

More than 250 entrepreneurs at the Magister Giotto exhibition held at the Scuola Grande della Misericordia in Venice, for an evening organised by Confindustria Venezia - Rovigo, in collaboration with the Culture Group of Small and Medium-sized Industrial Enterprises of Confindustria Venezia within the sphere of the cycle of meetings of the Venice Networking Club dedicated to the entrepreneurs of the territory.

A highly fascinating experience to immerse yourself in a multimedia itinerary of absolute scientific rigour in which the scenes of the painting cycles of Assisi and Padua have been reconstructed, illustrated by the unique voice of Luca Zingaretti.

It is one of the periodic appointments organised by the association, which this time, thanks to the activity of the Culture Group, wanted to bring together such an important number of entrepreneurs from Venice and Rovigo to pay homage to the great Master of Italian painting and to reaffirm the centrality of culture in the business world. The visit has in fact made it possible to discuss the great values of creativity and innovation that are so fundamental in enterprise culture.

The initiative is once again evidence of the strong commitment of the association to showcasing culture, in full awareness of the role that this has in the growth of a person and therefore of an entrepreneur. The integration of industry and culture is indispensable nowadays and the added value that one brings to the other is more necessary than ever for the renewal of the industrial fabric of this territory. Venice represents the paradigm of the cross-fertilisation between production development and cultural development, a powerful combination that must be nurtured and that will be capable of providing a stimulus to the development of a new conception of economy and a new competitive capacity.


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